100 Reasons for Purchasing Original Art

I purchase art because …

Having art hanging on my walls transforms my house to a home.

It provides warmth to my living space.

Art makes my house look beautiful.

The right painting can completely transform a room.

It can add elegance to a room.

Having original art on the walls creates just the right atmosphere for my home.

There is a special vibe that goes with art.

It sets up a kind of rarefied atmosphere or vibration.  I can’t really describe it … but I can definitely feel it.

Mass produced prints and manufactured paintings are dead.  There is no energy … they don’t radiate any vitality.  A real work of art is bustling with energy and it can give your home a real boost.

Buying art is a way of giving my home a personal touch.

I choose what art I want … to personalize my home so it is really MY home.

Art makes my place look trendy.

The style of my home is contemporary.  Having just the right contemporary art is the perfect finishing touch.

Fine art gives my home a unique look.

I prefer more traditional styles.  The paintings I own are at least a hundred years old.  They give my home an Old World kind of charm.

It is much more personal than any furniture, wall colors, or window treatments I can find.

Your choice of art gives visitors a sense of your style.

It is a statement about who you are.

I can’t wait to have my friends come over to see a recent art purchase.

It’s a way of showing off a little with my friends.

If I spend money on art … I can enjoy it my whole life.

It lasts a lot longer than just about anything else I can spend money on.

My art choices communicate my sophistication.

It is kind of hip and trendy to own original art.

Owning original art is just cool.

It’s sexy.

I never used to be able to afford original art.  Now that I can … it has totally changed the look of my home.

Almost anyone can have a fancy car in the driveway.  You can simply lease a car.  But to own a work of fine art by a famous artist sets you apart from just about everyone else.

When I buy an important painting … it is like having a trophy piece.

A beautiful painting makes me feel happy.

If I see art work that moves me … and I can afford the price, then I buy it.

Hunting for art for my home is really fun for me.

There is a feeling of excitement in buying a new painting.

Art is just about the only thing I really enjoy buying.

I would rather spend my money buying art than taking a vacation.  Frankly I get more joy from the art … and I don’t have to deal with travel delays, long lines, and bad weather.

Gallery-hopping is one of my favorite things to do … I know eventually I will come across something I can’t live without.

When I see art and cannot get it out of my head, then I know I have to have it.

I have a gorgeous seascape hanging in my office at work.  Whenever I feel worn out from the pressures of the day, I look at my painting and imagine myself walking on that beach.  It’s very relaxing.

My life would be much less satisfying if I had no art in it.

All of the paintings I own depict places that I have visited and that have a special meaning for me.  Whenever I take the time to focus on one of my paintings … I feel like I have been transported to one of my special places.

I have a lot of paintings of family members and friends.  With my crazy, hectic schedule, I frequently don’t get to see my friends and family.  A few are even deceased. But their portraits help me to keep my feelings for them alive and strong.

Beauty is food for the soul.

I can never get enough beauty in my life.

Art inspires me.

The best art is created through the imagination of the artist.  It is not about the world as it is; it is about the world as it could be.  That force of imagination can be powerful.

This kind of art pushes me to think how the world could be better and what I could do myself to make it better.

When I see imagination given expression in art … I am deeply moved by it.  I feel motivated to strive to be a better person in my daily life.

It makes me think.

I’d rather live with art that is provocative.

Having art hanging in my house is like coming home to old friends that I never tire of seeing.

If I have a difficult day at work or I am a bit depressed … I stand in front of my favorite painting.  I look at it carefully and recall when I bought it and why I bought it.  It makes all the unhappiness of the day quickly go away.

Art banishes sadness.

My collection of art keeps me company … my paintings are like my friends.

Art makes almost any feeling of loneliness go away.

It strengthens me in some kind of unknown but profound way.

I can stand in front of a painting … and get totally lost in it.

I just love looking at the beautiful colors.

Beauty is intoxicating.

The beauty of art … I feel sorry for people who have never in their life experienced real beauty.  I’m not talking about seeing a cute blonde or a shiny new sports car.  This beauty experience goes so far beyond any of that.

A great painting starts with nature but improves upon it.

Living with beauty … real beauty … has a way of ennobling the soul.

By raising us up to a higher level … it lulls to sleep our baser instincts.

Art cheers me up.

The right art work just resonates with me.

It is uplifting.

I really can get lost in my favorite paintings.  There is nothing like it.

It can be profoundly transformative.

Art nourishes my soul.

A good painting is like a window to another world.

It can give me an insight into the time in which it was created.

Owning an old painting or sculpture is having a piece of history.

It is a kind of bridge to the past.

Art stimulates my own imagination.

The best art communicates something.  It does not just sit there.

Great art expresses eternal truths.

A good painting is a window to eternity.

It can transport me to a higher state of being.

Art opens me up to deeper truths.

It awakes in me spiritual yearnings.

With the best paintings … you can enjoy them for many years without getting bored.

Good art has a long shelf life.  It always satisfies.

It can shift my perspectives on the world.

Art enriches my life.

It keeps me sane.

My art collection is a kind of haven in a heartless world.

I get a lot of intellectual stimulation from good quality art.

It can be a daily reminder of what is important in life.

I prefer whimsical and quirky types of art.  It makes me laugh.

I like to shock my friends with contemporary, edgy art.

Art makes a great gift.

I like to buy a small painting or a print as a gift for my friends.  It’s the kind of thing most people don’t buy for themselves.

There is this idea that art is a luxury item and is only for rich people.  So giving the gift of art is something special. 

I enjoy supporting artists through my purchase of art.

The world needs good art. By purchasing original art, I do my little bit to support the art community.

I try to support local artists.

If I choose the right art, it can be a good investment.

For me, art is both a commodity and more than a commodity.  I buy art to make money … but I also enjoying having it around the house.

It is kind of a savings program. It would be boring to hang a stock certificate on the wall.  But fine art hangs on the wall and can be enjoyed until the time I am ready to sell it.

Buying and selling art is a kind of hobby business for me.

I buy and sell art.  It is what I do … I am an art dealer.

I created this list on the basis of my own myriad thoughts and feelings about owning art and on the basis of the comments of many clients and friends who purchase original art. 

                                                      Michael Greany